Tuesday, 4 December 2012


This morning I'm attempting to re-design my blog, to be completely honest, I started on Sunday and am still no closer to deciding how I want the blog to look! I have a few new badges to post up and a page or two I want to include and it all just looks so cluttered under the current design.

In writing this post I'm procrastinating, not just from re-designing the blog, you see re-designing the blog is a way of putting off cleaning my kitchen, mopping the hallway floors, hovering the stairs and tidying the girl’s bedrooms, and that itself is a further procrastination.

What I really should be doing today is yet more packing. I have 30 filled boxes sitting around the house and still lots of stuff to sort and box up, I seem to have lost my enthusiasm for it though.

We have 8 working days before I finally give up and say we aren’t moving in 2012 and after a very disheartening conversation with our estate agent yesterday I'm starting to concede we won’t be moving this year. So really what I should be doing is sorting all the boxes into some sort of order and getting the Christmas decorations out.

I wonder if the girls fancy going to the Wacky Warehouse today, not that I'm avoiding anything of course!


  1. How annoying is that! Do you know what's happening yet? it's very unfair to be messed around.

    I hope you can manage to have a very merry christmas, despite all of the boxes. After all, it's family that really matters :) x

  2. We now have a moving date of the 19th! Fingers crossed everything goes according to plan!



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