Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Treat Week 6

Its Friday again, so time for another treat.

This is the most stressful cake I've ever done. EVER. Not because its a difficult design, it was actually very simple, or because it uses skills that I don't have. Whilst making this cake I found out our oven didn't work! We'd recently moved house and this was the first (and last) cake I made in that oven.

It started off as a normal baking day, I needed to make 2 6" cakes, 2 8" cakes and 2 10" cakes. I had baked them all and left them till the following day. When i sliced open the 1st cakes to fill them, I found they were still raw in the middle, slightly annoyed at my stupidity of obviously not checking them properly I put them to one side and sliced open the next ones, they had the same problem as did the last 2. Shocked that I could make the same mistake 3 times and aware I had lost a day I re made the cakes. The following day I sliced open the 1st set of cakes to find they had the same problem, as did all the others. 

I phoned my mum in a complete panic, I had 2 days to start the cake from scratch and I needed at least 4! I packed up every thing I needed and drove the 80 miles to my mum's house to us her oven (he also has a double oven which meant I could cook more than 2 at a time!

I got the cake finished in a blur of stress, tears, exhaustion and anger. I'm so pleased with how it turned out despite feeling like everything was going wrong around me.

Thankfully now we have a oven that works and I now add a day or two to my making and decorating schedule, just in-case!

These beautiful photographs were taken by the lovely Emily from Emily Beale Photography. Hop on over to her blog to see more of her amazing work.

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