Monday, 7 October 2013

Dummies are you for or against them?

My last post on my girls' dummies was quite sad. Whilst taking the girls dummies away from them, I'd caved on day 10 and given baby girl a dummy because she was so distraught. It didn't help the situation however, and she was still having her temper tantrum hours later.

I'm so happy to say that things are very different now! Neither girl needs a dummy to sleep and it has made a major difference to their sleeping patterns. Previously they were both waking 2-3 times a night crying for the dummy then instantly falling back to sleep again. The husband and I were shattered, most nights seeing every hour of the click between us, but since taking the dummy's away they have both developed the magical and what we had assumed mythical ability of sleeping through. 

It's left me with a question in my head, would I give a dummy next time? I know babies won't sleep through till they're ready, I know babies wake up at night and that's normal, but I look at big girl who turns 3 later this month and wonder if she would have slept through sooner if she'd learnt to settle herself without needing a dummy? It's an interesting question and one I'm going to have to start answer in 7 short months. 

Should I stick with what I know or make my home a dummy free zone? What did you do? And what would you recommend? 


  1. While I was pregnant I was dead against dummies, then James entered the world. He was just grisly and unsettled, so I dummy give us all a break. He kicked the habit at 4 months, when he started to wake up at night and cry for it.

  2. I'm not against the idea of dummies. I offered all three of my children a dummy but none of them wanted them and ended up being thumb suckers. This did help at night though because they didn't wake up crying for their dummy and the thumb was already attached. I don't know if that was the reason they all slept through from a reasonably early age, or whether it was just pure luck! My son stopped sucking his thumb all by himself a while ago now and my daughters only suck theirs when they are tired so I haven't really had to wean them off the thumb either.

  3. I think every child is different. My girl would never take a dummy - she had one for about the first week but would never keep it in a her mouth. However, she developed a comfort for her bottle instead and I so wished she would have taken a dummy. Like you, she was up all the time crying for a bottle - she just wanted the comfort of suckling. Now at nearly 3, she still wakes for it. I would take the dummy over a bottle any day but she just wouldn't entertain it. I think if it is a good soother for your child then go for it, it doesn't do them any harm x

  4. I also am not anti dummy but none of mine would take one. I didn't offer until after 6 wks as it's supposed to interfere with breastfeeding and it was probably too late by then! Mine slept through at 10m, 12m and still waiting at 6m



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