Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The long awaited question

Wot So Funee?This weekend I decided it was about time to tackle the baby's bedroom, and turn it from a dumping ground for baby paraphernalia and things the girls have grown out of, to a room where I would be happy to put a baby (I know he wont be in there for around 4-6 months, but still somewhere to store clothes, nappies, somewhere to get him changed etc)

Part of this process has been putting the crib together and setting it up in our room, this has caused big girl to finally ask one of the questions we have been waiting for 'how is he going to come out?' I am pleased to say, I completely chickened out! I kept to the basic simple facts which went along the lines of 'well, when Pop decides he's ready you will go to Nana's house with Baby Girl, then Mummy and Daddy will go to hospital where mummy will scream a lot and then the midwife will hand the baby to Mummy while Daddy cries!' OK so a little sketchy on the details, but the basics are there right?!

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  1. Might need to polish that explanation up over the next few years, I promise it will come back to bite many times!

  2. hahhahahah I love your explanation. I would have panicked too. I am definitely looking forward to those questions. Although Buba still thinks I have a baby in my stomach. In public if someone is asking how the baby is Missy Moo, he will raise my shirt and slap my belly saying baby here. He also thinks both of my boobs are mini babies too. How to explain that to a two year old. Dear me. I told him it's just fat on mommy's stomach not a baby, bad parenting because then he calls people fat!!! I can't win. awwww I am assure you there will be more questions and details questioned too! lol Even at 2 years old he was asking crazy things. lol #wotssofunee

  3. don't you just wish giving birth is really that easy =P

  4. Ah, now I remember why we went for a 21 month age gap with our boys, he didn't question a thing! I guess it was like that though for your second. I really wish it was that simple :)

  5. I explained it to big man. He then scared my friend by telling her her baby would come out with a big push or sharp scissors and then did a cutting action!

  6. tee hee i thought your explaination was brilliant and i bet she remembers it and tells all sorts good luck with your birth popping over from wot so funny

  7. Excellent explanation as you really don't want to go into to much detail or you will traumatise her for life.

  8. I always swore I'd be honest - none of htat rubbish my mother gave me about it hurting a little bit. When it came down to it though, and my daughter asked me if it hurt, here's what I said:

    "A little bit..."



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